Category: Personal Liability

Financial Asset Worksheet – How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Do you have the coverage you need? A quick calculation of the following items may help you determine a minimum appropriate limit of liability insurance for your current situation. Financial Assets Equity in your home: $______________ Investments: $ ____________________ Savings/Checking Cash on Hand: $ _________________ Future Wages: $____________ Total amount you have at risk = […]

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Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Do you need renters insurance? You rent your place of residence.  You need renters insurance.  If it’s a home, apartment, condominium or yurt, if you rent it, renters insurance is designed with you in mind.   Policies provide coverage for your furniture, clothing, electronics and more.  It provides personal liability to protect you if a guest […]

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Personal Umbrella Liability

Umbrella Insurance Image

Is Umbrella coverage for you? What is an umbrella policy? Umbrella policies extend liability above and beyond your home, auto, and other policies; they are the smartest, most cost effective way to ensure coverage for all of your assets and future earnings. What does an umbrella policy cost? For most people, umbrella coverage can be […]

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