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Shake, Rattle and Roll – Earthquake Insurance

Washington State Earthquake Activity What’s your risk? If you own a home in Washington State there is a risk your valuable investment may sustain damage due to an earthquake.  According to the Department of Natural Resources, Washington has the 2nd highest risk in the US for having a large and damaging earthquake event.  Click HERE […]

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What is Ordinance or Law Coverage?

Ordinance or Law What is it? Most Counties and Cities have building ordinances and laws pertaining to new construction and repair of damaged structures. What does that mean for me? In the event of a loss to your home, local ordinances and laws cause some of the following issues ; Required tear down of the […]

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How much coverage do I need on my home?

Home Coverage Limits Determining the proper limit of insurance coverage for your home is very important.  You’ve made a valuable investment and your hard earned money will be used to pay the annual premiums.  If you suffer a loss, you want to know you are properly covered.  But how do you know what is enough? […]

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