Does My Auto Insurance Cover A Rental Car?

Does my auto insurance cover a rental car?

When you rent a car as a short-term rental, like for a vacation, the broadest coverage listed on a vehicle on your auto policy will extend to the rental car if you are driving in the USA or Canada.  This means if you carry liability coverage only, that is the only coverage that will extend to the rental car. If you have a vehicle on your policy that is covered for Comprehensive and Collision coverage these coverages will also extend to the rental vehicle.

What is not covered if I have a claim with a rental car?

If your rental car is damaged while you are renting it and the rental company charges you rent for the time the car is out of service being repaired, the rent the company charges you would not be covered by your auto policy.

What if I file a claim on my policy for the rental car?

If you file a claim on your auto policy for damage caused by or to a rental car the deductibles would apply (for comprehensive and collision). Your rates would be impacted the same as if you were driving your own vehicle and had an accident. Accidents impact your auto insurance rates for 5 years.


Written By: Casey Shipley

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