Shake, Rattle and Roll – Earthquake Insurance

Washington State Earthquake Activity

What’s your risk?

If you own a home in Washington State there is a risk your valuable investment may sustain damage due to an earthquake.  According to the Department of Natural Resources, Washington has the 2nd highest risk in the US for having a large and damaging earthquake event.  Click HERE to see the Pacific Northwest seismic events for the last month.

What can you do?

Standard Homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for damage due to an earthquake.  Plus, many earthquake policies carry deductibles of 10% OR MORE!  We recommend adding earthquake coverage to your insurance protection plan, however the deductible needs to make sense for your financial situation.

When selecting earthquake coverage it’s important to review the value of adding coverage for your household contents and loss of use.  Your personal property will likely sustain damage in a large seismic event. Perhaps more importantly, the cost to reside at another location while your home is damaged and undergoing repair could add up quickly.

Loss of use provides coverage for extra expenses incurred while you are displaced in the event of an earthquake.  The small cost to add this coverage to your earthquake policy is a very wise investment.

What if I only want a little coverage?

Earthquake policies can be tailored to provide the coverage that meets your specific needs, concerns and budget.  These policies can usually be issued with no waiting period (prior to a seismic event).

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