Veterans Day 2017

Honoring those who serve

This Saturday we celebrate Veterans Day.  In times when our every moment is scheduled and “busy” is how we describe our lives, its important to take time and thank those who have served or are currently serving.   Those who take the patriotic call to serve are providing the rest of us an opportunity to live freely and without worry.  We enjoy the comforts of our homes and the company of our family due to the sacrifices of our Veterans.

The brave men and women serving in our armed forces do not get to enjoy the same privileges.  Many are deployed to harsh climates a often can’t make it home for the holiday season.  Although we can’t always personally thank those who are deployed, we can support those who have served.

Here are a few ways we can express our thanks.

1. Giving back at your local VA Center

Many Veterans receive assistance and care through their local VA Center.  With that in  mind there is still a lot that needs to be done to help them.  Consider contacting your local VA Center to donate or volunteer your time.   Many VA Centers have student volunteer programs.  These programs help students receive skills in different fields while giving back to our country’s heroes.

2. Attend a local parade

There are a variety of parades and ceremonies that happen on Veterans Day.  Why not attend a local event to show your support?


3. Fly a flag

This simple gesture shows our Veterans and service members your appreciation.  Our service members have sacrificed a lot for the Red, White and Blue. When they see you flying the flag they’ll be honored by your gratitude.


4. Build a care package

This is a great way to get your family involved!  Create cards and letters and put together a care package for a service member or veteran that you know.  If you don’t happen to know an active service member but you want to participate, check out the American Legion or for information on how you can participate.


Our agency wishes to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who answered the call of service to this great nation.  May you all have a wonderful Veterans Day.



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