Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The signs of fall are all around us.  Leaves are changing colors and sparkling morning frosts will soon be here.  Homeowners, it’s time to add a few items to our weekend chore list to ensure our homes are well protected during the freezing winter months ahead.  We’ve compiled a list of indoor and outdoor fall home maintenance items with instructions to help DIY homeowners.

Indoor House Cleaning and Organizing

  1. Clean garbage disposal
  2. Clean sink faucet aerators
  3. Clean clothes washer water line filter
  4. Inspect fireplace and chimney – clean if needed

Indoor Home Maintenance

  1. Change furnace air filter
  2. Change direction of ceiling fans
  3. Inspect fire extinguishers & batteries in smoke detectors
  4. Inspect toilets for leaks and repair if needed

Outdoor Fall House Cleaning & Organizing

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts
  2. Trim Tree Limbs away from roof and chimney
  3. Store Hoses and turn off outdoor water (protect from freezing)

Outdoor Fall Home Maintenance

  1. Winterize gas powered lawn equipment
  2. Inspect roof and repair leaks
  3. Clean and lubricate garage door
  4. Drain and turn off sprinkler system

When your “to do”  list is complete, start up the fire place, grab a cup of hot chocolate, put your feet up and enjoy the season! You earned it.


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