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From Origin ~

Like you, we hold the belief that people have priceless worth.  The fact that the average slave in the world today is sold for the equivalent of $90 is among our world’s greatest atrocities.  Origin started with a vision for once disconnected individuals in a fragmented city collaborating together, sacrificing from their freedom, to give the gift of freedom. Today we see a growing community that has rallied to support Origin Coffee, a place where everyone works for free to set victims free.

Why a Coffee Shop?

Origin Coffee is designed to utilize our greatest weapon in the fight against sex-trafficking – passionate, selfless people.  Therefore we need as many people involved as possible.  And not just for a night or for a season but for an entire generation.   A generational movement of people, passionate about ending sexual exploitation.

Naturally being a place where  relationships flow, a coffee shop became the hub for the mission.  This issue is not just part of what our business does, but the reason our business exists.

How we empower a Movement of People.

We are essentially a sending organization.  We strategically send to generate, equip, and expand a movement of people for a generation of fighting. Here how we do it:

Story Telling– Our sending begins with raising our voices.  We tell two primary stories.  The first is the reality of the emergency of sex trafficking in our world.  Sadly, many still do not know or are choosing not to hear.  Secondly, we share what our community is doing about it. Origin Coffee has become an inspiration for thousands who want to use their everyday lives to the benefit of the broken, poor and oppressed.

There are now hundreds of excellent organizations playing their part in the eradication of the commercial sex trade.  Ordinary individuals struck by the story of the victims, now doing something about it.  Never underestimate what the awakening of the heart to this issue can lead to.

At Origin we not only train baristas, we train story-tellers.  Our volunteers become voices amongst their families, friends, and social circles.  Everywhere we go, every platform we are given, becomes a chance for more people to hear the facts along with an invitation to join the movement.  Through relationships, media, and the internet, literally over a million people have heard our stories.  And hundreds have been trained through the vehicle of Origin Coffee — and this is only year 1.

Resources – We also send tangible resources to the most effective people entrenched in the fight around the world.

Profits: We pay our overhead and then send away.  Little by little.  Cup by Cup.  Our profits go to grassroots anti-trafficking networks working to combat human trafficking in the Sacramento region.

People – Throughout our organization is the belief that people are created with unique and distinct worth.  We believe this is true for our city and for those across the globe.  That is why our greatest impact is the passionate people who will be sent out of the Origin Coffee family.  One life, filled with talent, resolve, and creativity, given to the cause will long surpass the quantifiable numbers distributed through the coffee shop.

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