So You’re Getting Married…

Congratulations on getting hitched!

Getting married is one of the most exciting times and most expensive times of your life.   If you had parents that paid the bill, all the better! If not, here are 5 ways to find savings in your insurance package.


Marriage Discount

If you haven’t done it already, let your insurance agent know that you are now married and to apply the marriage discount.  Typically, you can save 5% or more simply for getting married.  Stats show that you are a safer driver once you tie the knot.  If you just got engaged, certain companies will still allow you to apply the discount.

Multi-Car Discount

It is time to start combining all of your worldly possessions.  If this means you have more than one car, it can be worthwhile to use the same insurance company since they will give you a sizable discount on your insurance premium.

Renters or Home Insurance

Don’t forget to increase your renter’s or homeowner’s contents coverage for all of the presents that you received.  While you are at it, you should talk to your agent about your wedding ring and whether you would want it covered in the case that the diamond falls out or the ring is stolen.  Typically, your homeowner’s and renter’s policy exclude mysterious disappearance of jewelry.

Health Insurance

Getting married allows you a special enrollment for your health insurance.  If your health insurance is paid by your employer.  Check with them to see if you can add a spouse and what the cost would be.  If you are on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), you can qualify for an open enrollment since premiums and credits are based off of household income.  The company you chose before may no longer be the best option for you.

Life Insurance

Don’t forget to change your beneficiary for your life insurance.  Whoever, you originally chose to receive the life insurance payout will still receive the payment regardless of your marital status.  So if this is a second marriage make sure it isn’t the ex that receives the payout.




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