Secrets to Saving Money on Insurance

Full Disclosure, I am an independent insurance agent.  Some of the below tips and tricks only work for independent agents. Independent agents have the ability to go to more than one company for your insurance.  With that said, some of the tips may work with your current insurance company.  If not, contact us!  Guide Insurance Services

College Credit

Most insurance companies offer a discount for graduating college.  Did you know that the two classes you took at community college qualifies you for a discount for some college?  This discount can save you an additional 5% with certain insurance companies.

Insurance Claims and Tickets

Different insurance companies have different rules on when a ticket will negatively affect your insurance price.  For an example, some companies that will look at your accidents and insurance claims for the past 5 years while others only look at 3 years.  If you are being charged for an accident that happened 4 years ago, it may be worthwhile to move to a different company.

Early Quote Discount

If you are willing to wait 10 days before your new insurance policy will take effect, certain insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance.

Market Fluctuations

It is extremely frustrating when your insurance premiums go up.  The reason this happens is that insurance is basically a giant cost sharing program.  You add up all of the claims, employee salaries, advertising, technology, etc. and if the total exceeds the total that is brought in by the insurance premiums, every insurance client’s price goes up.  At the same time, another company may have excellent profitability and in turn their prices will go down.  The key is working with an agent that represents more than one insurance company so you don’t become stuck due to other people’s claims.

Bundle or Unbundle

Typically, you receive between a 5 t0 10 percent discount on your insurance when you bundle your home and auto.  However, some companies are very competitive in auto insurance while another could be very competitive with home insurance.  Having all of your insurance with an independent agent will allow them to bundle and unbundle your policy depending on market conditions.


Above are a few of the discounts and tricks.  There are many more available.  The staff at Guide Insurance Services, Inc. has been trained to make sure you receive all of the credits you deserve.

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