Insuring your Unique Vehicle

Vehicles can be an UNIQUE as their owners!

Vehicles can be as unique as their owners. Some are lifted, some are lowered. They are red, green, blue, or purple. Some have been modified for work to carry tools and materials, some have been modified to trudge through the mud and climb rocks, and others have been modified to bounce their way down the road. There are vehicles in mint stock condition and others that barely resemble the factory model.  But are all of these modifications covered on your policy?

Standard Auto Insurance Policy

Most auto policies only include coverage for the vehicle in stock condition, as it was when it rolled off the factory floor. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) provides this information. Even the simplest of modifications, like a canopy on a truck, are not included in the base coverage of the vehicle. The good news is, most of these modifications can be covered.

Enhanced Coverage

Informing your insurance agent of the modifications or additions to your vehicle allows them to list those items as a part of your vehicle; the same as four-wheel drive may be an existing part of your vehicle. These features can typically be covered for little to no cost, depending on the degree and value of modification.

So, are all the modifications to your vehicle covered?

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