Your In Home Small Business

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In Home Small Business Adventure

You’ve dreamed big and made the leap. You are your own boss, an in home small business owner!  You made sacrifices and spent sleepless nights putting together your business plan.  You’ve started small, working from home, being responsible but, have you met with your insurance agent?  If not, you could be taking risks you didn’t realize.


3 Things your Insurance Agent Needs to Know About Your In-Home Business

Cost to replace your business property

Home insurance policies include a limited amount of coverage for business property. As such, since you are relying on your home insurance policy to cover your business property, you need to be aware of the limitations.  In-home business policies are cost effective and fill the gaps between the actual replacement cost of your property and the limited coverage provided on a homeowner’s policy.  In addition to providing property coverage a small business policy provides liability protection.


Your small business located in a detached structure at your home.

Beware! Home insurance policies automatically include coverage for structures on your property. However, the coverage is voided when the detached structure is used for business purposes.   This exclusion is triggered simply by storing business property in the detached structure.   Because each home policy is unique it is recommended you contact your agent immediately if this is the case.


Customers regularly visit your home

Our agents can review your residence to help you spot any hazards which may potentially cause a problem.  Click the link to request an appointment with your agent.


Our agents love working with small business owners!  Your success is our priority.  As such, we take extra time to get to know you.  We search for ways to provide cost effective coverage while tailoring policies to meet your needs.  Give us a call, or request an appointment to see what we can do for you because we want to see your dreams come true.


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