Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance


Your business HAS an auto liability exposure

Even if your business doesn’t own a vehicle, you have an auto liability exposure.

  • You have employees who drive to work
  • Employees run an occasional errand for the business
  • You  run errands for your business
  • Drive to meet with your clients

Anytime someone is on the road on behalf of your business, there is a risk you can be asked to pay.   In the event of an accident, you will be responsible for a part of the bodily injury or property damage caused.   Hired and non-owned auto liability must be be added to your commercial insurance policy to provide coverage for your business.


You have an individual exposure

When your business has a commercial auto policy but the vehicle is titled to you personally, YOU have an exposure.   When this vehicle is involved in an accident causing bodily injury or property damage, the business and vehicle owner will be asked to make things right.  When you own the business vehicle in your individual name, you need to be added to the commercial policy to protect your personal assets.

If you own a business-use vehicle in your individual name and insure it on your personal auto policy, contact your agent immediately to review your insurance carrier’s guidelines for business use.  They will not allow for advertising on the vehicle or employees driving.

The Employee Factor

Every business, regardless of size, needs to review employees’ driving habits before handing over keys to the company car.  Your employees drive away with the future of your business in their hands.  Motor vehicle reports can be obtained easily at the Washington Department of Licensing website for a small fee.  Review a driving history BEFORE allowing your employee to drive.  Insurance carriers typically “draw the line” where there are two or more incidents within the past 3 years, or a major violation. Keep in mind years of driving experience when reviewing potential employees.   I encourage you to make a driving record part of the application process if your employees will often be asked to drive.

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