How is Guide Insurance Services different?

How is Guide Insurance Services different?

When my Dad and I talk about what we want Guide Insurance Services to look like, we always come back to how do we become better and how do we take better care of our customers?

Employee Pay

One of the best ways we can do this is how we pay our employees. Typically, insurance agents are paid a commission based on how much you pay for insurance. We found ourselves not being able to support that model because it is in complete contradiction to how do we treat you better. So we made the decision to pay our personal lines agents a salary so they never face the conflict of what is best for you and what pays them the most. We love seeing the excitement in our employees when they are able to save current and future clients significant amounts of money with equal or greater insurance coverage.

Policy Review

Another way that we accomplish taking better care of our customers is to periodically review your policy. We accomplish this two ways. The first is when we see an above average industry increase in your premium.  We are reaching out to you to see if there are any credits that have dropped off (ex. Good Student Discount, low mileage, etc.) that we could reapply or even if there is a better company that fits your current needs.

The second way that we accomplish this is to do an insurance checkup with you every three years even if you haven’t had any significant rate increases. We choose the three-year mark because at that point you have maximized your longevity credit with most companies and you will receive a discounted rate from any future insurance company. Not to mention, in three years a lot can change in your life. Three years ago in my life, I had just gotten married and was looking at buying a house. Today, I have moved from that house, bought a new house, purchased a new vehicle, and have my first child on the way.

The checkup also allows us to see if there are any gaps in your coverage. Maybe you started a business and are running it out of your shed or are storing your business tools in your shop. You may want to cover your shop, tools, and any liability you might face that would not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Lack of Fees

Unlike some of our competitors, we will not charge you additional fees. If we receive any compensation from the carrier, regardless of the amount, you will not see any fees from us. As of today, I can proudly say that no one is being charged a fee for their home, auto, health, life, farm, motorcycle, or RV insurance policy. This has been critical for anyone who comes to us for health insurance. We do not receive any compensation for helping with Apple Health (health insurance for your kids) but are willing to assist you since you are a client of Guide Insurance Services.


The last one I will touch on in this blog post is the many options we have for your insurance. Unlike most of the companies you see advertising on TV, we are not limited to a single choice. We have over a dozen home and auto insurance companies and thirty plus business insurance companies compete for your insurance. This allows you to maximize the discounts and coverages of a different companies without  any additional work.

If there are any additional things you appreciate about Guide Insurance Services, have a recommendation on how to improve our service, we would love to hear from you. 360-354-2200 or Contact Us.

Brett Kok

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