Average Yearly Earthquakes in Washington = 103

The Department of Natural Resources estimates the most populated areas of Washington State have a 40-80% chance of having an earthquake in our lifetime.  Since earthquake is an EXCLUDED peril on homeowners insurance policies, it is important to discuss earthquake insurance with your agent.

Standard Earthquake policies have a deductible of 10%. In the event of damage to your home due to an earthquake the deductible of 10% of the dwellings replacement cost would be applied.  In the example of a home with a replacement cost of $300,000 the out of pocket expense would be $30,000.

Our program has a deductible of 2.5%. This reduces the out of pocket expense in the above example to $7,500.   Our program also includes options to insure your contents and provides coverage for loss of use.  Loss of use includes expenses incurred as a result of earthquake damage, such as rent or hotel expenses paid while your home is being repaired.

Annual premiums are competitive with limits of $300,000 around $200 – $300 per year depending on the options requested.

Homefacts.com has some interesting facts regarding earthquakes in Washington State if you are interested in viewing current earthquake activity.

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