Insuring your Unique Vehicle

Vehicles can be an UNIQUE as their owners! Vehicles can be as unique as their owners. Some are lifted, some are lowered. They are red, green, blue, or purple. Some have been modified for work to carry tools and materials, some have been modified to trudge through the mud and climb rocks, and others have been […]

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Personal Umbrella Liability

Umbrella Insurance Image

Is Umbrella coverage for you? What is an umbrella policy? Umbrella policies extend liability above and beyond your home, auto, and other policies; they are the smartest, most cost effective way to ensure coverage for all of your assets and future earnings. What does an umbrella policy cost? For most people, umbrella coverage can be […]

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Your In Home Small Business

Business Liability Image

In Home Small Business Adventure You’ve dreamed big and made the leap. You are your own boss, an in home small business owner!  You made sacrifices and spent sleepless nights putting together your business plan.  You’ve started small, working from home, being responsible but, have you met with your insurance agent?  If not, you could […]

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Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance   Your business HAS an auto liability exposure Even if your business doesn’t own a vehicle, you have an auto liability exposure. You have employees who drive to work Employees run an occasional errand for the business You  run errands for your business Drive to meet with your clients Anytime someone is on […]

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